Yuddham sharanam Review

The latest outing of Naga chaitanya’s Yuddham sharanam, opened in theatres world wide today. A debutant director Krishna marimuthu, directed this film . Lavanya Tripati played the female lead. This film marks the 10th production for Vaarahi creations.

Yuddham sharanam is the tale of a happy go lucky guy, Arjun played by Naga Chaitanya, who leads a happy life with his parents (Rao Ramesh and Revathi), sisters and girlfriend ( Lavanya Tripathi). As things are going well, a trajedy abruptly makes his life worse. In the meantime, A cut-throat criminal Naik (Srikanth), do nefarious activities in the city for his own gains. How the gangster activities effected Arjun? What is the trajedy that hits him? How Arjun would cope with the baddie? are the highlights of the film.

Krishna marimuthu weilded megaphone for the first time for David Nathan written action thriller story. Although it’s his first film, some key scenes are very well executed like an established director, especially the first half which have heart warming bond among family members. Popular writer Abburi Ravi and David Nathan tried to keep the audience intriguing with their non linear screenplay but failed to do it throughout the film. There are few impressive dialogues and go well with the audiences. The story is quite hackneyed. Pelli Choopulu music director Vivek Sagar composed the music for this thriller too. All the songs are mediocre but the back ground score in key scenes is amazing. The best thing about this film, is cinematographer, Nikith bommireddy’s work. His sense of lighting, the way he shot the scenes according to narration, is just brillaint. I felt, 140 minutes length is quite long for this film, should have been trimmed a few minutes.

After a notable hit with Ra randoi veduka choodham, Naga Chaitanya has done this film, His characterisation is somewhat similar to Gautam menon’s Saahasam Swasaga Saagipo but the stages are different. Since the young actor played similar role in SSS, You would have a deja vu. Andhala Rakshasi,  Lavanya Tripati has got a meaty role. She did it well. Rao Ramesh and Revathi lived in their characters. It’s been a long time to watch actor Srikanth in a negative role. His intensity in eyes is palpable. This is one of the good performances in his career but dialogues written for him are not upto the mark. Murali sharma and other cast members have done their job very well.

Over-all, Yuddham sharanam has a cliched revenge story blended with intriguing screenplay. It may even perplex some audiences. Heart warming bond among family members in the first half. Antagonist enthralled the viewers in the latter half with his mind game. you could once watch this action thriller to beguile your time. 


Fidaa Review

After a commercial misfire with Mister, Mega prince Varun tej has teamed up with a famous director, Sekhar kammula for Fidaa. It is the tale of two love birds, who have parallely live in two different worlds. The guy name is Varun, who is a medico in US. The girl, Bhanumanthi is from a small town, Bhansuwada, India. Varun lives with his elder and little brother. One day he advised his brother to get married.

While searching for a girl, they stumble upon a village belle on a matrimonial site and decided to meet the girl. After landing in India, Varun elder brother liked the girl but wants to take the opinion of varun. Here, our protagonist finds his soul mate, who is the younger sister of bride. Bhanumanthi has her own qualms about the bridegroom. Initially, they teases each other.  Atlast, realise their feelings for each other but never express. 

In the mean time, Varun’s cousin meddle in between them. Bhanumanthi​ misunderstand Varun’s character in an incident. She abruptly start to avoid Varun. After wedding rituals, Varun and his family go to US. He has no clue what happened with Bhanumanthi. He proposed her on WhatsApp. What happened next is the rest of the story.

It’s​ been a long time since Sekhar kammula made a film. This time he has come up with a fresh love story which has too many emotions and subtle messages to the society. His screen writing grabbed the eye balls of  audiences. The way he infuse telangana accent in his characters is flawless. Jeevan babu scored background​ music and Shakti kathik composed tunes elevated the film to next level. Vijay Prakash’s camera work is brilliant. perhaps, Producer  Dil Raju is on film making marathon. This one might be a fourth film for producer this year. Production values are too good.Editor should have been chopped off a few in pre climax.

Varun Tej has choosen a good script and he  justified it with his acting prowess. The actor is in progress to continue the legacy of his family name. Unlike regular telugu film, Fidaa has too much importance for actress, Premam girl, Sai Pallavi nailed it with her talent. She won the hearts of audiences. Harshavardhan Rane played a cameo and did it well. The other cast members have done their jobs very well.

This film brings relief to the duo, Varun and sekhar kammula. Fidaaa feel good entertainer. I recommend you must watch this film.

Reviewed by Shrinu Nakka.

Ninnu Kori Review

Ninnu Kori is the latest outing of natural star Nani, who is on consecutive seven hits at telugu cinema box office. This romantic comedy is penned by a popular writer Kona Venkat who also co-produced the film along with famous producer DVV Danayya. Adi pinnisetty played a vital role in the film and Nani’s Gentleman actress Nivetha Thomas played the female lead.

Like all great romantic comedy films, This one also has novelistic narration. It is the tale of a PhD student, Uma Maheshwar played by Nani, who falls in love with a dance aspiring girl, Pallavi (Nivetha Thomas). The boy eke out his education at university hostel with scholarship and no big income. The girl’s father owns a super market and a practical man too. 

Uma maheshwar Rao has managed to become a tenant of Pallavi’s house during his campus holidays.All went well with the love birds until Pallavi’s father decided to perform her marriage with a well settled man. In the meantime, Pallavi try to persuade uma for elopement but the boy decline it owing to her father idealogy. Uma promises pallavi that he will seek her father’s consent for marriage after being settled.

Uma goes to new delhi to complete his PhD inspite of spat between lovers. In no time, Pallavi’s marriage is fixed with an NRI, Arun (Adi Pinnisetty). As Pallavi calls uma to inform about her marriage he is about to have a better career and the girl does not divulge. Atlast, Pallavi get married to Arun. you should watch what happened next on the big screen.

Directed by a debut director, Shiva Nirvana has a good creativity. The way he extracted the performances from his actors, is absolutely good. Screen writer kona Venkat narration is the soul of the film, It has the blend of balanced emotions too. Cinematographer, Karthik Ghattameni shot beautiful visuals which are more elevated by soothful music composed by Gopi sunder. Editing is too good.

Nani has been scaling the new heights with the consecutive hits. He hits the Bulls eye with his natural performance. Nivetha Thomas is the new find of telugu cinema. She is just impeccably portrayed all emotions. Adi pinnisetty played the vital role and did a great job. Murali sharma, Prudhvi and other cast members have supported well.

Love is just part of time. There are more things in life. Let’s celebrate with each memory is the theme of the movie.  You can happily watch this film with your loved ones on this weekend. 

Katamarayudu Movie review.

One of the most awaited films of this year, Katamarayudu opened in theatres across all over  the world today.After a commercial misfire with Sardaar Gabbar singh, Pawan kalyan has teamed up with Gopala Gopala director Kishore pardasani AKA Dolly.Sardaar Gabbar singh producer sharath marrar shelled out his money on this commercial potboiler too. Shruthi hassan  played the female lead. This film is touted as Tamil super hit film, Ajith starrer Veeram remake. Akula shiva made some changes in the story for telugu audiences.

Katamarayudu is the story  of a powerful man in a village, Thaalapaka, Rayalaseema. Whatever he say it is like a decree to the people of that region. He lives with his four brothers played by Ajay, Krishna chaitanya, Kamaraju and Shiva balaji. They are his strength and weakness. Linga (Ali) is personal legal adviser and friend to Katamarayudu. One day a business (Pradeep singh rawat) approached rayudu for his support in an illegal business but rayudu declines it in his style. Meanwhile, Owing to things happened in his child hood, He turns out misogynist.

In the meantime, His brother falls in love with sweethearts, They don’t have courage to tell their love matter to their elder brother. Rayudu comes across a classical dancer, Avanthi (Shruthi hassan), Who is a peace lover. Rayudu brothers tried to set up the damsel with their brother and they succeed. Rayudu falls in  love with avantika so does the dancer. Avantika wants to introduce rayudu to her father who is pacifist in her village.In the meantime, A gang attacks rayudu infront of avanthi. What happened next is rest of the story.

It is like a deja vu feel to the telugu cinephiles as they watch katamarayudu on the big screen, The story is quite banal and screenplay  is cliched. Dolly exploited the stardom of the protagonist in introduction and key scenes very well but he failed to show the antagonist in the same manner. Prasad murrella shot frames are extremely good. Music  composed by Anup rubens is not up to the standards of pawan kalyan film.  Gautham raju should have scissored a few scenes in the second half.   Production values are good.

It is a one man show through out the film, Pawan kalyan screen presence is one of the positive points to this film. His mannerism  in folk song and chemistry with the female lead is a treat to watch. Shruthi hassan has got a meaty role, She did her part well.  Antagonist Tarun arrora is shown in a poor light. Rao Ramesh, Pradeep singh rawat did not do much in the film.  Versatile actor Nassar made his mark in a pivotal role.

On the whole, Katamarayudu is a treat to pawan kalyan fans who have been waiting to see their idol on the big screen. First half has a great entertainment but it doesn’t last in the latter half. However, You can watch this film for heartful laughs.

Reviewed by Shrinu Nakka.

Ghazi Movie Review



It’s been a great year for telugu film industry, Most of the films are fared well at the box office. The new outing of Rana Daggubati is a bilingual film (Hindi and Telugu) opened in theaters across the world. Ghazi is all about the under water war between india and pakistan  in 1971. Kay Kay Menon played an important role in the film along with Atul Kulkarni and Tapsee Pannu. New director Sankalp reddy directed this rare genre film in telugu cinema. This is also the first under water war film in indian cinema too.

Ghazi Opens with the voice over of Mega star Chiranjeevi narrating about the wars between India and Pakistan. In karachi, Pakistan Navy officials hatch a plan to destroy the India’s most disastrous weapon INS Vikrant. On an alert from Indian intelligence, The Navy officials deploy Captain Ran vijay singh (Kay kay menon) and Lieutenant commander, Arjun (Rana Dabbgubati) to keep an eye on pakistan nefarious activites under water and at the same time, command them to not to attack before opponent does.  They named the mission as sea sighting.

Ran Vijay singh is a very intelligent officer but he also turns hot headed  when oppponent rattles his cage. With his stubborn behaviour he was earlier suspended for two years. Meanwhile, Arjun is a disciplined officer, who oblige every rule. With the submarine, They search for opponent whereabouts under water but couldn’t able to find no clue. In the mean time, They comes across pakistan submarine called Ghazi. What happened next is the rest of the story.

Someone need a lot of courage to make this kind of film for his debut. Sankalp reddy  hits the bull eye with his debut project. He splendidly bring out the proper emotions from his characters. Most of the citizens are not aware of this battle but The writers Gunnam Gangaraju and Niranjan reddy made a brilliant effort to promulgate the unknown history to the audiences. Gunnam written dialogues especially the patriotic dialogues in the second half are too good. The best part of the film is its visuals, Madhie  who worked earlier for Srimanthudu, Jil and other films, did a fabulous job. Visuals are nothing short of a hollywood film. Musician K has composed background score gives  goosebumps to the viewers. Production values by PVP are too good.

While working with Baahubali 2 team, Rana Daggubati has done this film too, The young hulk did a fabulous job in emotional scenes. Kay Kay Menon played  an important role and stolen the hearts of viewers with impeccable acting skills. Atul Kulkarni also played a pivotal role. Tapsee did a cameo appearance. The other cast members have done their part  very well.

In the first half, Director takes time to introduce his characters and set the stage but the second half has too much intensity moments, Dialogues, firing, national anthems and outstanding performance of the protagonist. The whole cast and crew made an incredible effort and it palatable with the output. I would go with four out of five stars for this first under water war film in indian cinema.

Reviewed by Shrinu Nakka.



Singam 3 Movie Review

After a much delay in release, The third installment from singham franchise is opened in theatres today. Suriya , Anushka and Shruthi Hassan played the lead roles. Hari directed all the films. New man in the team, Harris Jairaj composed the music. The prequels had fared well.Lets see how this third part will do at the box office.

The singham kicks off with a clamour of karnataka legislativies for the solution of crimes in the state. The home minister suggested the CM to take help of neighboring state police officer, Narsimham (Suriya). In last two installments, The angry young cop solves the criminal cases in his state but this time, He posted to Karnataka as CBI agent to solve the murder case of a former commissioner who was assigned to unravel the mysteries behind crimes in the state. 

               In no time, He ascertain that MSN Reddy (Saxena) is a powerful man in the area, who is also henchman of central minister (Suman). Inorder to find out the murderer of commissioner, Narsimham initially act as favouring MSN Reddy.Meanwhile, In the progress of  investigation, Suriya comes to know that Reddy is manipulated someone from Australia. Who is that man? What is the mystery behind killing a commissioner? And How the protagonist solves this case are main parts of the story.

This time, Hari has done commendable Job in script work. From the opening title till the penultimate frame, The narrative is too detailed and the effort is palatable.Like other two previous installments, Even this one has too many high octane action sequences that keep audiences on action mode. Cameraman Priyan’s work is good. Harris Jairaj composed music is not up to the mark of singham franchise.The length is too long, could have scissored a few scenes. Production values are good.

It’s a cake walk role for Suriya as he has already portrayed the same role in previous installments too.Anushka Shetty associated with the franchise from first part, she has a minimal role. New lady in the franchise, Shruti Hassan also has a small role. Female leads have nothing much to do. Anoop Thakur did a fabulous job as the antagonist.Soori comic timing is okay. Suman, Sharath Kumar, Radhika Sarath Kumar, Jay Prakash and Saxena have done their roles well.

Singham 3 would definitely embrace by the action movie lovers. Even after much delay in release, This third part also lived up to the franchise name. I will go with the three stars out of five to this latest commercial potboiler.

Reviewed by Shrinu Nakka.

Nenu Local Review

Rating : 3/5.

Cast :  Nani, Keerthi Suresh and Others.

Director : Trinadha Rao Nakkina.

Language : Telugu.

Music :  Devi Sri Prasad.

Cinematographer : Nazhi shafi.

Producer : Shirish.

Nenu local is the latest outing of natural star, Nani. Last year, This young actor has been flabbergasted his colleagues with his consecutive hits (Krishna gadi Veera prema Gaadha and Gentleman). This year he has come up with Nenu local.Trinadha Rao Nakkina, who gave us romantic comedy, Cinema choopistha  Mama, has directed this film. Nenu Sailaja actress Keerthi Suresh paired up with Nani. For the first time, Rockstar, Devi Sri Prasad has composed the music.Shatamanam bhavathi producer Shirish produced this romantic comedy.

Nenu local is the tale of a happy go lucky guy, Babu (Nani), who is struggling to clear his graduation backlogs. Like any other youngster he doesn’t change his attitude for anyone.After clearing his graduation backlogs, He bumps into a girl, Keerthi ( Keerthi) and falls in love with her at first sight. Babu tries to woo the girl with his antics, but she reluctant to accept his proposal owing to her doting father (Sachin Khedkar). In no time, A cop, Siddharth varma played by Naveen Chandra comes into the picture as he loves Keerthi from a long time. What happened next, is rest of the story.

The storyline is quite hackneyed but the captain of the ship, Trinadha Nakkina has spectacularly executed the film. Novice writer, Prasanna Kumar written dialogues is an eye-opener for many people out there in the society.Rockstar Dev Sri Prasad composed music is another plus point for this film. Two songs, Next Enti and Ekkada Ekkada made the audience to hum it aleast once while watching song. Editor Prawin pudi should have chopped off  a big length. Nazir shafi’s camera work is just  brilliant.I loved his frame work in Ekkada Ekkada Song. Shekar master choreography for  Next Enti  should be mentionable. Production values are just awesome.

 Nani has been scaling new heights in telugu cinema with his consecutive hits.This young actor has  completely nailed the role with his natural acting prowess.I felt no one would do justice to the lead role as much as this natural star did.Keerthi Suresh who made her debut with Nenu Sailaja has again stolen the hearts of young telugu cinephiles with her next door girl look.Naveen Chandra surprised audiences with chiseled body and played his role well. Sachin khedkar, Posani Krishna Murali and the other cast made their mark 

The cliched story is a big minus for this film. However, The chemistry between the lead pair, is a treat to watch.I’m sure every youngster would enjoy this film to the hilt. I’m going with three stars.

Bottom line : Find happiness in little things.

Reviewed by Shrinu Nakka.