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The Martian Movie Review


Rating : 4/5.

Cast : Matt Damon, Kristen wigg, Jessica Chastins, Michael Pena, Mackanzie, Jeff Daniels, Darius wolzki and Others.

Directed by : Ridley scott.

Language : English.

Genre : Sci – Fic.

Release date : 2nd October 2015.

Bottom Line : Riveting screenplay makes You can’t take your eyes off screen.

While NASA is busy with the Mars Mission, Ridely scott is coming up with the movie that is based on the Red planet. After Gravity and The interstellar, The viewers are showing interest in watching space related movies. More over, NASA Mars mission has been on the news since ages. Perhaps that drives Ridely to make a film on mars. After having double blows with Prometheus and Exodus, Ridely scott is back with the martian.

The Martian takes off with a few astronauts on mission called Ares III on the red planet.  While they are at work, A fierce storm abruptly hits a botanist astronaut, Mark Watney played by Matt Damon. The fellows astronauts presume that mark is killed by a storm. The commander doesn’t want put other fellow astronauts lives at risk. As a result, Mark is desolated by them.On the next Sol, Mark is awake in destroyed quipment. Calculations tell him that He has to survive till Ares IV mission launch, which will take four years. The supplies in Hab can make him to survive for 400 Sols. Hapless Mark, decides to cultivate Mars with his botanistic brain. Meanwhile, He has to take care the power supply of Hab. While updating maps on Mars, NASA finds out that Mark is alive and tries to rescue the botanist but their attempt go in vain. What will Mark do till the rescue operation by NASA?  What will NASA do to rescue Mark? and Will Mark return back to earth?

One needs a great craftsman skilld to make look this kind of difficult subjects into easier. Thanks to the riveting screenplay by Drew Goddard, The audiences have some giggle moments in the middle of serious moments. This 142 minutes film made the viewers to ask makers like Feed me more. The whole crew has done more than a  great job. Brilliant visual effects by the technical team.

Drew has superbly written the protagonist character, In the same way Matt Damon nailed the role. His emotions are palpable. An artist need a great ears to do the impeccable job. Kristen Wigg , Jessica chastians, Michael Pene, Mackenzie Daniels and all have their moments.Darius wolzki made an impression.

On the whole, Ridely Scott is back to form with The martian. He proved that a great director could wonders on the screen inspite of consecutive misfires. Nonetheless, This film has given a great publicity to NASA’s Mars Mission. The Martian is a must watch film.